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Plan of communicative events (updated on 16.04.2018)


The scientific activity of Kharkiv Regional Institute of Public Administration of the National Academy of Public Administration attached to the Office of the President of Ukraine (KRI NAPA) is aimed at development of democratic institutional standards of the professional activities of public servants and local government officials, training of top-class research and teaching staff able to provide a practical expert analytical support for the work of the President of Ukraine, central and local bodies of Ukraine's state power and local governments.


The key areas of the Institute's scientific research are as follows:

  • organization of scientific and methodological support for elaboration of the core curriculum (normative disciplines) – democratic public administration, public policy, and European affairs;
  • carrying out fundamental and applied research for adjustment and improvement of the regulatory framework of the system of professional training of public servants and local government officials;
  • training of research and teaching staff of the highest qualification;
  • development of scientific schools within the subject matter of the science of Public Administration;
  • implementation of research results in the public administrative practice;
  • expert consulting, information and analytical support for the activity of the President of Ukraine, public authorities and local governments;
  • arrangement of scientific communicative events;
  • scientific publishing activities;
  • international scientific cooperation etc.


The Institute specializes in Public Administration and Regional Development, which constitute the main trend of research comprising two substantive components. One component expands on the essence of public administration, emphasizing the constructive interaction of all the subjects vested with public authority, their transparency for the society, and coordination of their interests with those of the society. The other component covers the issues of a balanced regional development in a totality of its aspects – economic, social, environmental, regional development institutionalization, ways to attain a balance between regional administration and local governments.


The main subjects of the Institute’s research are:


1. Mechanisms for Ukraine’s integration into the European

2. Regional governance and local government

3. Organization and administration in public institutions

4. Implementation of the state social and humanitarian policy

5. Staffing policy in public administration

6. Branch administration

7. Crisis management


The priority topics of the Institute’s theses include the following:


1. Reform and modernization of public administration

2. Institutional foundation and technologies of public administration

3. Making and implementing the state regional development policy

4. The state mechanisms for ensuring regional sustainable development

5. Social and humanitarian components of regional development

6. Management of regional development projects and programs

7. Forming an effective local government institution

8. Public administration in the context of current integration processes


Studies of the world experience of state-formation practices are conducted with the aim of introduction of democratic standards of public administration in Ukraine. Modernization of the national system of training, retraining, and in-service training of public administration staff and local government officials is based on a study of the advanced world developments in the said field with the resulting concrete recommendations as to their application in the practice of the National academy of public administration attached to the Office of the President of Ukraine.

The Institute is actively engaged in evaluation of its research results. One of the ways to do it is running scientific communicative events. Every year, KRI NAPA holds regional, all-Ukrainian and international activities. Besides evaluation of research results, this form of interaction the public administrative theory and practice make it possible to discover the problem issues that need scientific and methodological settlement.


32 Doctors of Science, 105 PhD holders and associate professors work in the Institute. The Institute has trained 3 Doctors of Science and 32 Doctors of Philosophy in Public Administration.

The priority in scientific researches of the Institute is the research in trends of improving efficiency of public administration and local government in Ukraine.

The fruitful scientific activity results in forming scientific schools in the field of theory and practice of public administration and local government, public service, public regulation of economy, regional policy etc.

The summary of fundamental and applied researches of the Institute's scholars is various monographs, textbooks, manuals, and scientific articles, published in central publishing houses and in the Institute's edition "Mahistr".

Materials of the conferences, articles are published in the Institute's collections of scientific works "Actual Problems of Public Administration" and "Theory and Practice of Public Administration", registered in the International Center of periodic editions (Paris, France) under the international numbers ISSN 1684-8489 and ISSN 1727-6667 and have an international accreditation. They are included into the specialized editions of Higher Committee on Certifications of Ukraine in the field of law, politics, philosophy and public administration.


The Institute trains scientific and pedagogical personnel in post-graduate and doctoral courses according to the following specialties:

25.00.01 - theory and history of public administration

25.00.02 - mechanisms of public administration

25.00.03 - public service

25.00.04 - local government


Specialized Scientific Council for viva providing for the Doctor degree and Ph.D. in public administration (code D 64.858.01) functions in the Institute.

There were over 500 items of scientific and methodological literature published with the total amount of pages over 2000 annually.


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