Chair of Staff Management and Labour Economy

Head of the Chair
PhD in Economics, associate professor
Syvokon Volodymyr Omelyanovych

Chair of Labour Resources Management was established in 2003. In 2004 it was renamed into Chair of Staff Management and Labour Economy.

The Chair trains Masters of Public Administration and Specialists in Staff Management and Labour Economy and Management of Organizations. Training is provided in accordance with up-to-date state educational standards.


Teaching Activity


Working on fulfillment of educational plans of training Masters and Specialists, the Chair has elaborated the following:


Modules for Masters’ Training:

• Public Administration in Economic Studies History

• Microeconomics and State Policy


Disciplines for Specialists’ Training:

• Banking

• Introduction to Major

• Labour Economy

• Economic History

• Branch Marketing

• Marketing of Organizations

• Microeconomics

• Staff Motivation

• Labour Rate-Setting

• Labour Organization

• Labour Market

• Systems of Technologies

• Labour Sociology

• Staff Management

• State Regulation of Employment

• Economy and Innovation Activity Administration

• Labour Economy in Organization

• Labour Economy and Socio-Labour Relations

• History of Economic Studies

• Marketing Research



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