Chair of Ukrainian Language

Head of the chair
PhD in Philology, Associate professor
Redin Petro Oleksiyovych

The Chair was established in 1998 in order to improve language competence of public servants from Kharkiv Regional Public Administration.

Since 1999 the discipline has been taught on a full-time and correspondence bases, and since 2001, at the post-graduate department as well. In 1999 Redin P.O., PhD in Philology, Associate Professor, headed the Chair.


Teaching Activity


The staff of the Chair is engaged in teaching at the faculties of Qualification Improvement, Socio-Economic Management, and Masters’ Training. The Chair develops new courses and improves traditional ones.


Disciplines Delivered by the Chair:

• Ukrainian Language

• Ukrainian Business Language

• Ukrainian Business Language in Public Administration

• Business Ukrainian: Oral Communication

• Culture of Speech as Part of Administrative Culture

• Office Work Language for Governmental Officials

• Culture of Public Servants’ Speech

• Office Work Language

• Office Work Language for Personnel Departments

• Ukrainian Language: Scientific and Business Styles


Post-graduates are taught specific features of thesis-writing style. The disciplines are provided with author materials on teaching methods, developed by the staff members of the Chair.



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