Chair of Regional Development and Local Self-Government

Head of the chair
Doctor of Public Administration, Professor
Kuts Yuriy Oleksiyovych

Chair of Regional Development and Local Self-Government was established in 1999. It provides training of students for the Master of Public Administration qualification level. The Chair also trains Bachelors and Specialists in the fields of Management of Organizations and Staff Management and Labour Economy.The Chair upgrades qualification for public servants from Lugansk, Poltava, Sumy, and Kharkiv regions both in Kharkiv and at regional centers. The Chair is headed by Doctor of Philosophy, Professor Kuts Yu.O.


Teaching Activity


Modules Delivered by the Chair:

• Territorial Power Organization in Ukraine

• Planning of Territory Development

• Regional and Municipal Economy

• Labour Resources Management

• Regional Labour Resources Management

• Social Infrastructure Development in the Region

• Social Infrastructure and Communications in Regions

• Current Ethnic Political Processes in Ukraine

• Communications in Regions

• Urbanization as a Cultural-Historical Phenomenon (optional course)


Disciplines Delivered by the Chair:

• Study of Religion

• Productive Force Allocation

• Methods of Administrative Decision-Making

• Regional and Administrative Management

• Situation Management

• Branch Management

• Regional Administration and Local Self-Government

• Public Relations

• Local Budget and Finance Management

• Standardization and Certification in Public Administration



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