Chair of Law and European Integration

Head of the chair
PhD in Law, Associate professor
Velichko Larysa Yurijvna

The Chair was established in 1998 after reorganization of Chair of Law and Public Policy. It was to provide upgrading of qualification for public servants from Lugansk, Poltava, Sumy, and Kharkiv regions both in Kharkiv and at regional centers.

The teachers served their internship in the central and regional bodies of state power: Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Regional Public Administrations, the Counting Office of Verkhovna Rada etc.


Disciplines Delivered by the Chair:

At Master’s Training Faculty

• Law in Public Administration

• Financial Law

• Law-Making Process

• Economic Law

• Labour Law and Social Security Law

• Law of the Enterprise

• Labour Law

• Land Law

• Social Security Law

• Obligations Law

• Legal Basis for Administration of State Corporate Rights


At Socio-Economic Administration Faculty

• Science of Law

• Basics of Law

• Basics of Law (Lyceum)

• Basics of Constitutional Law

• Labour Law

• Economic Law

• Legal Regulation of Public Service Relations


The main direction of the Chair’s activity is research into legislation of Ukraine, which regulates public service and municipal service relations arising among public servants in government and self-government bodies. Research is carried on into the spheres of public service, and self-government service, state financial control bodies, legal regulation of public service ethics, public servants’ responsibility including judicial responsibility for corruption, legal basis for electoral campaigns to local councils etc. There are some developments in unification of Ukrainian juridical terminology.



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