Chair of Political Sciences and Philosophy

Head of the Chair
Dziundziuk Viacheslav Borysovych,
Doctor of Public Administration, Professor


The Chair of Political Science and Philosophy was established in 2004 after the Public Policy Chair reorganization. The aim of its creation is teaching Political Science and Philosophy disciplines to students of all departments and for upgrading qualifications of public servants from Lugansk, Poltava, Sumy, and Kharkiv regions both in Kharkiv and at regional centers.

The Chairs takes an active part in professional training of highly-qualified, upright, responsible specialists for public administration bodies and local government authorities able to make public policy and implement it at all levels providing them with modern knowledge in Political Science and Philosophy, developing the relevant abilities and skills.


Disciplines Delivered by the Chair:


For Master students of full-time, correspondence and evening departments:

• Conceptual Basis for Interaction Between Politics and Administration

• State Policy: Analyses and Implementation Mechanisms

• The Basis for State Policy Analysis

• Information Policy in Ukraine

• The Basis for Political and Analytical Activity

• The Methodology of Modern Scientific Knowledge in the Field of Public Administration

• Social and Philosophical Analysis of Public Development

• Ethics of Public Servants

• Philosophic Problems of Public Administration

• The Art of Business Language


The Disciplines for Specialty:

• Institutional Specific Features and Technologies of Modern Political Processes

• Civil and Political Unions as a Subject of Political Process

• Modern Geopolitical Processes

• Political Psychology and Imageology

• Ethnic and Political Processes, and Conflicts in Ukraine


Optional Disciplines:

• Informational and Electoral Technologies

• Creativity and Ethics of State Policy Analysis


Disciplines for Postgraduates of All Forms of Studying:

• Philosophy

• Methodology of Scientific Research

• Ethics of Business Language


Disciplines for Full-time and Correspondence Students of Social and Economic Management Faculty:

• Political Sciences

• Philosophy

• Ethics of Business Language


Scientific Directions of the Chair


The level of the Chair teaching staff professionalism contributes to the formation of the scientific school of political processes management on the central and regional levels. All the faculty of the Chair takes part in the activity of the Specialized Scientific Counsels. The Chair carries authority with the scientific circle, it is often applied to make reviews of dissertations, abstracts, monographs, tutorials, textbooks and other scientific works.

The main scientific direction of the Chair is to investigate the state of the Ukrainian state policy and perspectives of its improvement. It envisages the study of the following subjects: policy and mechanisms of its implementation in Ukraine, state and state-formation processes, creation of the social state, ethics of public service, sociological methods of research, analysis of the state policy, modern geopolitical processes, the basis of the interaction between policy and administration.

According to the state scientific and technical program 2012 the Chair makes researches on the topic УPublic Governance in Modern State (0112U001159).

The Chair faculty takes part in working committees, expert groups, scientific and technical councils of state bodies and others while preparing legislative, normative legal acts of the relevant issues.


The Training of Science Personnel and Teaching Staff


There are 11 post graduates, 11 searchers for scientific degree of PhD in Public Administration in the Chair. 30 PhD and 5 Doctoral dissertations have been defended on the Chair.


The Teaching Staff of the Chair



Kriukov Oleksii Igorevych Ц Doctor of Public Administration, Professor

Korzhenko Volodymyr Vasyliovych Ц Doctor of Philosophy, Professor

Krutii Olena Mykolaivna Ц Doctor of Public Administration, Professor

Solovyh Vitalii Pavlovych Ц Doctor of Public Administration, Professor

Diulina Vira Viacheslavivna Ц PhD in Pedagogic, Associate Professor

Kozlov Kostiantyn Ivanovych Ц PhD in Public Administration, Associate Professor

Kotukov Oleksandr Anatoliiovych Ц PhD in Sociology, Associate Professor

Kuzniakova Tetiana Valentynivna Ц PhD in Public Administration, Associate Professor

Khashieva Lubov Vasambekivna Ц PhD in Public Administration, Associate Professor

Daudova Galyna Volodymyrivna Ц PhD in Public Administration, Associate Professor

Levchenko Nataliia Viktorivna Ц PhD in Public Administration, Associate Professor


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