Chair of Foreign Languages

Head of the chair
PhD in Pedagogic, Associate professor
Shur Valeriy Matviyovych

The Chair was established in 1996 and had the aim to provide teaching in modern foreign languages (English, German), and Ukrainian business language. In 1998, the Chair was divided into two parts: Chair of Foreign Languages (English, German, and French) and Chair of Ukrainian Business Language.


The Chair teaches students of:

• Daytime, Evening, and Correspondence Faculties

• Faculty of Socio-Economic Administration

• Postgraduate department


Disciplines Delivered by the Chair of Foreign Languages

• Foreign Languages

• Foreign Languages for Professional Activity

• Foreign Business Languages


Teaching Activity


The aim of the Chair’s activity is to teach public servants to communicate in the sphere of their activity. At the Masters Training faculty students learn terminology of public administration, and study the systems of public administration in countries. Teachers have at their disposal various manuals and teaching materials and received through cooperation with British Council, French Center, and Nurnberg House in the city of Kharkiv.

The students have an opportunity to practice their skills during their stay in the country whose language they learn. There are successful programs of training in Germany and France.

On completion of the “Foreign Language for Professional Activity” course, students take a qualification examination and receive a certificate confirming the level of their language proficiency.

During practical classes, teachers make an active use of audio- and video materials, interactive techniques, such as problem-solving, role-playing, brainstorming, and case studies.

The target of teaching is developing individual skills of each student. The language learning process starts with a test, after which multiple-level groups of students are formed.

The teachers co-operate successfully with chairs of foreign languages of other higher educational establishments of Kharkiv.


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