Chair of Information Technologies and Administration Systems

Head of the chair
Doctor of science in public administration
Associate professor
Orlov Oleksandr Valentynovych


In 1999 Chair of Information Technologies was established (later renamed Chair of Public Administration Informatization). Its founder was Mashkarov Yu.G., Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor. Later, it was headed by Mynko P.Ye , PhD in Physics and Mathematics, Associate Professor. Since 1999, the Head of the Chair is Orlov O.V., PhD in Technology, Associate Professor.

The Chair provides qualification improvement to public servants of Lugansk, Poltava, Sumy and Kharkiv regions. Since 1996, the Chair has been involved in training students for Master’s Degree Qualification Level.


Teaching Activity


The aim of the Chair is teaching students for the qualification level of Master of Public Administration, as well as Bachelors, and Specialists in Public Administration at the Socio-Economic Management Faculty, gives classes and seminars to public servants according to the program of upgrading qualifications.


Modules Delivered by the Chair:

• Information Policy

• Modern Office Equipment


Disciplines Delivered by the Chair:

• Higher Mathematics

• Econometrics

• Informatics and Computers

• Info-Systems

• Info-Systems in Management

• Computer-Aided Design

• Mathematical Programming

• Operation Research

• Modern Office Info-Systems

• Modern Office Technologies

• Theory of Probability and Mathematical Statistics



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