Chair of Economic Theory and Finance

The Chair was established in 2001. The Chair headed by Doctor of Public Administration, Associate Prof. Degtyar A.O. provides students with knowledge in theory and history of public administration, trains their skills to analyze, evaluate and make substantiated economic decisions at state, regional and local levels.


Teaching Activity


The Chair aims to train students for the qualification levels of Masters of Public Administration, Bachelors or Specialists of Business Management, and Staff Management & Labour Economy, gives classes and seminars to public servants according to the program of upgrading qualifications.


Modules Delivered by the Chair:

• Public Policy: Analysis and Mechanisms of Implementation

• Statistic Methods in Public Administration

• Public Administration in Economic Sphere

• Marketing and Modern Market Systems

• Institutional Economy and Economic Rationality

• Private Sector and Public Policy


Disciplines Delivered by the Chair:

• Economic Theory

• Political Economy

• Taxes and Tax Policy

• Insurance

• Insurance Services

• Public Administration of Economy

• Socio-Economic Statistics

• Accounting

• Audit

• Financial Analysis

• Finance

• Business Finance

• Money and Credit

• Investment

• Advertising Theory and Methods

• Investment Management

• Banking

• Corporate Management


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