Chair of Economic Policy and Management

Head of the chair
Doctor of science in public administration, professor
Latynin Mykola Anatoliyovych

Chair of Economy, Finance and Public Administration was established in 1995. The Chair trained Masters of Public Administration. In 1997 the module of Public Administration was separated and the Chair was got the name of the Chair of Economy and Finance.

In 2001 the Chair was divided into two departments: Chair of Economic Theory and Finance and Chair of Economic Policy.

Chair of Economic Policy and Management trains Masters of Public Administration and Specialists in the spheres of “Management of Organizations” and “Staff Management and Labour Economy”.


Disciplines Delivered by the Chair


At Masters’ Degree Training Faculty:

• Strategic Planning

• Public Administration of the Macroeconomic Processes and Institutional Economy

• Competitive Policy

• Analysis of Benefits and Expenses in Public Sector

• Public Administration of Investment Processes

• Structural Changes and Economic Growth Management

• Exchange Activity Regulations in Ukraine

• Trade Policy

• International and National Classifications


At Faculty of Socio-Economic Administration:

• Macroeconomics

• Microeconomics

• Statistics

• Economy of the Enterprises

• Economic Analysis

• Marketing

• Forecasting

• Organization Activity Planning

• Basics of Entrepreneurship

• Basics of Business Planning

• Resources and Expenses Management

• Branch Policy

• Goods Market Infrastructure

• Basics of Exchange Activity

• Branch Planning


Lecturers and tutors supervise graduation papers of Masters majoring in Public Administration, final projects in Staff Administration and Labour Economy.



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