Chair of Public Administration

Head of the chair
Doctor of Public Administration, Professor,
Martynenko Vasyl Mykolayovych

In 1996, Chair of Public Administration, Economy and Finance was established. It provided upgrading of qualification for public servants from Lugansk, Poltava, Sumy, and Kharkiv regions both in Kharkiv and at regional centers. Since 1996, the Chair has taken part in training of Masters for the public administration qualification level.

In 1999, the discipline of “Regional Management and Local Self-Government” was separated, and thus the Chair was renamed Chair of Philosophy, Theory of Public Administration and Management.

In 2003, the discipline of “Philosophy” was separated and the name of the Chair was changed for “Chair of Public Administration and Management”.


Teaching Activity


Modules Delivered by the Chair:

• Theory and History of Public Administration

• Organizational and Legal Basis of Public Administration

• Philosophical Problems of Public Administration

• Project Management

• Anti-Crisis Management

• Communications in Public Institutions

• Monitoring in Public Institutions


Disciplines Delivered by the Chair:

• Anti-Crisis Management

• Innovations Management

• Logic

• Management of the Organization

• Basics of Management

• Risks in Management

• System of Technologies in Public Administration

• Strategic Management

• Current Problems of Public Administration

• Current Problems of Public Administration and Public Service

• Theory of Systems and System Analysis

• Management



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