The Regional institute of the Academy actively collaborates with other educational establishments in the city, oblast, region, which train highly skilled public servants.

It was at the initiative of the Institute that in 1997 a unique organization was founded - Kharkiv Scientific and Methodical Union (KSMU) on the specialty "Public Administration" which has no analogues in Ukraine. The association consists of 13 leading Kharkiv higher educational establishments with 8 of them having the status of National establishment.

On the basis of agreement with public authorities and local governments scholars of the Institute conduct scientific and research work including: "Analysis of needs of local governmental authorities' servants in the professional training", "Elaborating methods of improving local public administration efficiency", "Public regulation of social and economic development in the regional agrarian sphere", "Current valuation of state powerful authorities social efficiency", "Introducing system approaches into public servants' professional training and generalizing the experience of regional powerful authorities", "Analyzing the policy of regional powerful authorities", "Improving efficiency of local government on the basis of Kharkiv intellectual potential" etc.


The Institute cooperates with 10 countries throughout the world - Great Britain, Canada, Germany, France, Poland, Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Lithuania - and with 20 institutions-partners, participates in 12 international projects and programs. Among the greatest Institute's partners within the period of several years remains:

• London Metropolitan University (Great Britain)

• Regional Institute of Administration, the city of Lille (France)

• Marburg City Hall (Germany)

• Bialystok School of Public Administration (Poland)

• North - Western Academy of Public Administration attached to the office of the President of Russian Federation (St-Petersburg)

• North - Western Academy of Public Administration attached to the office of the President of Russian Federation (Rostov-on-Don)

• Kursk Institute of Public and Municipal Service

• Caunas Technological University (Lithuania)

• Tianjin Administrative Academy (China)

• Bishkek Humanitarian University (Kyrgyzstan)

• Kyrgyz-Russian Slavonic University (Kyrgyzstan)

• Academy of State and Social Formation under the President of Uzbekistan


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