Public Administration


15 chairs' staffs consisting of over 145 lecturers act in an educational and methodological way to ensure highly skilled graduators: new subjects are introduced to the schedule; text-books, manuals are developed.


The chairs educate students in 16 specializations within the course of public administration:

• Public Policy Analyses

• Public Regulation of Economy and Entrepreneurship

• Economical Policy

• Law-making and Regulation-forming Policy

• Informational Policy and Informational Technologies

• Personnel and Organizational-Controlling Activity

• Public Administration in the Field of Ensuring National Security

• Management in the EU-institutions

• Political Institutions and Processes

• Regional Administration and Local Government

• Social and Humanitarian Policy

• Public Institutions Management

• Urban Management

• Educational Management

• Health Care Management

• Management in the Sphere of Culture


The programs of the Institute are of innovative content. The Institute is the only educational establishment in Eastern region that develops programs using the method of integrative interaction. The programs result from the cooperation among the outstanding scholars in the field of public administration and representatives of public executive authorities and local government together with the specialists, experts and advisers of the leading establishments and organizations in the region.




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