Mission of the Institute


The Mission of our higher educational establishment is teaching and scientific activity in the field of quality professional training of specialists for public authority and local self-government bodies, governmental organizations. The objectives are to provide students with knowledge and skills for their integration into the society, creative and efficient administrative work based on the European and world standards, retraining and guiding administrators throughout their carriers, training research and teaching staff.


The Mission is realized by means of:

• Training Masters of Public Administration at the Daytime (18 months), Evening, Correspondence and Distance (30 months) Faculties;

• Training PhDs and Doctors in Public Administration at the full-time and part-time departments of Postgraduate and Doctorate Courses, and doing research in the sphere of Public Administration;

• Training Bachelors and Specialists in Management, and Economy & Entrepreneurship at Daytime (4 and 5 years) and Correspondence (4, 5, and 6 years) Faculties;

• Retraining and upgrading qualification of public and local self-government servants, administrators of governmental organizations of North-Eastern Region of Ukraine;

• Development of general, spiritual and physical culture of students by providing additional services beyond teaching programs (optional disciplines, access to world information resources, foreign language courses, participation in the work of Institute of Culture Development and Arts, practical training abroad, and PE-classes).












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