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Contents of printed publication (PDF)

1. Development of Public Administration in Ukraine

BabaevV.M., GaiduchenkoS.O. Diagnostics of the State of Public Management Organizational Culture as the Factor of Its Development
DziundziukV. B., LashkoA. O. The Role of Policy Analysis in Public Administration
MelnykovO.F., OnishchenkoY.M. Reform of State Mechanisms to Fight Cybercrime
lnychenkoO.A. Forestry as Public Administration Object
UlyanchenkoY.O., SvyrydovaH.O. The role of information technology in administrative decisions
ObushnaN. I. Modernization a current trend in the development of society
SamofalovaT.. Essence, Subject and Methodology of Science in Public Administration of National Wealth
Semenets-OrlovaI.A. Strategic management as a system means of educational change management
BezzubkoB.I. Scientific foundations state mechanisms of strategic development planning of territories
BilotilO.M. Formation of strategy of public administration development in the tourist industry of Ukrainian Black Sea region
ZaskalkinA.S. Theoretical and Methodological Basis for State-Private Sector Interaction to Accomplish Socially Significant Tasks
KukharevaG.P. Good Governance as the way towards development of effective public administration system in Ukraine
SavchukL.S. Youth Parliamentarism: keyword analysis
ChernoivanenkoA.V. Political Parties: Role and Functions in Modern State Formation Processes in Ukraine

2. State Regulation of Economic and Social Development

MaystroS.V., VoloshinO.L. Conceptual bases of state regulation strategy and prospects for development of alternative energy in Ukraine
DunayevI.V. Theoretical Justification of Value-Oriented Management Approach to Modernization of Regional Economic Policy
TaukeshevaT.D. Mechanisms for Implementing Public Policy in Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving
Svitlychna Y.O. Analysis of foreign trade of goods in Kharkiv region
KruglovV.V. Development of Alternative Power System through Use of Mechanisms of Public-Private Partnership
ShashulaO.M. State regulation in the occupational safety and health sphere
ShepelenkoO.G. Use of the expert interview method of research of innovation development of a region

3. Lines of Local Government Reform in Ukraine

Glushchenko J.A. Optimization local spending Ukraine in local government
DaudovaG.V. Budget-forming Taxes in Budget Decentralization Context
Olshanskyi O. V. Grant of public services is in society: standards and criteria
CherniatinaV.A. Impact of decentralization on rural development

4. Implementation Details of State Personnel Policy in Ukraine

VolykV.S. State Staffing Policy in Ukraine: Theoretical Basis and Prospects for Improvement
GromovaS.O. Professional Training of Leading Personnel of Higher Medical Education in the Context of Health Care System Reformation in Ukraine

5. Foreign Policy and National Security

BielskaT.V. Activity of Global Civil Society Institutions in Conflict Zones of Modern World
KhashiyevaL.V., EghiozaryanA.G. Evolution of governance methods and development of issue political networks in the European Union
TverdokhlibovYe.O. Current Foreign Practices of Establishing Communicative Interaction between Public Authorities and Public
Kotkovsky V. R. European Administrative Space: new principles of public administration


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