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1. Development of Public Administration System in Ukraine

OrlovO.V., OnyshchenkoYu.M. Actual Trends of State Policy of Ukraine in Combating Computer Related Crimes
SolovukhV.P. Political and Administrative Relations in Democratic State
BubliiM.P. Coordinating the Activity of Public Authorities when Implementing Control Functions
DaudovaH.V. Women in Public Administration: a Gender Aspect
Diehtiar.. Informational and Analytical Maintenance of Administrative Decision-Taking in Public Authorities
DoroshenkoV.S. Person and Family as Highest Priorities in State Formation
KlimushynP.S. E-communication as a Mechanism of Innovation Oriented Society
Kotukov.. Social Area as an Object of Public Administration
LarinaN.B. Informational Relations between Society and Subjects of Public-Administrative and Political Activity
Medvid.., MatsehoraYa.V., VorobiovaI.V. Reasonable Grounds to Take Measures to Improve Structure of Recruiting Departments and Approaches to Professional and Psychological Selection to Recruiter Salesmen
SeliutinaN.F. Possibilities and Limitations for Use of Socio-cultural Approach in Public Administration
StepanenkoS.V. Improving Effectiveness of Social Reproductivity and Use of National Wealth
Chykarenko.. Formation Principles for Competitiveness of Municipal Formation
ShvydunV.M. Analyzing the Term Postgraduate Education in context of Educational Systems Integration
HushtykN.P. Legal Regulation of Building in Ukraine in terms of Crisis
KolesnykovaK.O. Public Administration in Ukraine: Literature Review
KutkovV.P. Organizational Maintenance of Marketing Mechanism of Public Administration in Regional Development
MysyeyevM.S. Using Program and Target Approach in Administration of Municipal Infrastructure Development
FedorenkoA.S. Political PR in Public Administration
VladymyrovM.V. Communicative aspects of political modernization of social relations

2. State Regulation of Economic and Social Development Processes

MinenkoV.L. Theoretical and Methodological Bases to Adjust Interrelations among Mechanisms of Public Regulation and Labor Market Self-Regulation
ValenkevychL.P., FinkilsteinO.V. Analyzing current ratings of higher educational establishments as evaluation tool for higher education quality
HoncharenkoM.V. Evolution of financial potential of regional development
RevenkoO.V., RevenkoT.V. Tax consequences of Ukraines integration
OrelYu.L. Current mechanisms of state support to economic regional development
SadkovyiV.P. Administrative mechanisms and professional education improvement in modern Ukrainian society
Vitrenko-KhrustaliovaT.M. Improvement trends for mechanism of public regulation of innovative development of Ukraines economics
KlymenkoS.P. Basic approaches to analyzing reasons and factors of shadow economics in Ukraine
KovalenkoN.V. Coherence of real estate market in modern economic area
KonovalovL.S. Main procedures applied in state audit of effective use of state funds
Pomaza-PonomarenkoA.L. Economic mechanism of state regulation of land affairs: analyzing functioning
PopovaA.A. Factor analysis of social and labor relations
Shurma.. Improvement trends for public administration in social protection of disabled persons
Nazarenko V. Yu. Legal-organizational Mechanism for Public Administration of Fire Safety in Ukraine
YurievaO.I. Modern problems of public administration in tax debt
Panasenko I. A. Housing and communal economy as an object of state control
Chumakova O. O. Tax policy in the area of transfer pricing: economic efficiency and thin capitalization

3. Directions of Local Government System Reformation in Ukraine

StativkaN.V., MelnykovaK.I., TereshchenkoD.A. Factors formulating local officials labor potential
MeliakovA.V., Postupna.V. Formulating policy for historic memory: implementation at local level
SukhininD.V. Difference between monitoring, evaluation and control in local governments
AndrianovaYu.V. Problems and factors of conflicts in local governments
ArtemenkoA.H. Financial problems of small Ukrainian towns as a stimulus to enhance budget decentralization
DulfanS.B. Interaction with public as a component of municipal development

4. Peculiarities of State Personnel Policy Realization in Ukraine

ZolotariovV.F., OhurtsovaO.V. Organizational and staff maintenance of local executive authorities
SerioginaN.K. Modeling professional public servants on the bases of complex approach

5. Foreign Policy and National Security

BulbaV.G., TretiakM.V. Foreign experience in state regulation of social business responsibility
KryshtanovychM.F. Public administration in law enforcement bodies as an important factor of Ukraines national security
HorbykO.V. Enhancing institutional bases of public administration in forming the EU stock market
HuskovaI.B. Modern foreign experience in administrating communal property
KrotinovV.O. EU law protection and enforcement institutions
PakhomovaO.M. Foreign experience in influence local governments make on minors sociality
FilipchukV.O. European identity: methodological interpretation approaches and content
YatskinV.I. Foreign experience in state regulation of labor safety


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