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1. Problems of Ukrainian State System's Development

PrikhodchenkoL.L. The essence of the mechanism of good governance
StepanovV.Yu. Informative policy: conceptual principles of forming and development
ElchaninovD.. State building: a systemology approach
MokretsovS.E. The influence of state's demographic policy on the state of population reproductive health
GasuykI.L. Information and resource support of branch "physical training and sports": the current state and development tendencies
GurkovskyyV.I. Methodological questions of state administration national informative safety in the conditions of global informative society
Kuznetsov.., Vladimirov.V. State power as social-political phenomenon
Kuzniakova.V. Publishing activity as factor of informative society in the conditions of Ukraine's modernization
SavkovA.P. The main issue of democratization of the electoral process in Ukraine under the influence of the media
Baranova.V. The upbringing youth: public administration aspects
KravchenkoZ.D. The comparative analysis of structurally functional maintenance of national systems in public health services
Kulchiy.. The evolution of reforms of government executive bodies system of Ukraine: peculiarities and perspectives
Martynyuk.S. Organizational strategy realization in authority organs
SukhorukovaA.L. Regional administrations: formation and development trends
FiksI.Ye. Linguistic policy's transformations in the autonomous republic of Crimea: peculiarities and prospects
GlobaG.., PryzhyvaraS.V. Education as object of state administration

2. Directions of Local Self-Government System's Reforming in Ukraine

MatviyishynYe.H. Competitiveness as the purpose of the strategic management of the regional development
Kozlov.. Foreign experience of the political modernization of regional authority bodies
Artemenko.G. System principles in the mutual relations of small city's territorial society in Ukraine with the legislative and executive bodies
BorshoshI.S. The ways of perfection of the territorial control of Ukraine an economy system are possible
Konovalova.V. Classification signs of regional social programs as factors of public administration regional development
PivtsaevaV.. Fixing of directions of influence of citizens on decisions-making by organs of local self-government in current legislation
PopovychYu.D. Ecology policy realization on the state and local levels in the conditions of sustainable development conception implementation
KharukYu.. Influence of moral factors on juvenile delinquency and organization of prophylaxis of offences of the local organs of executive power

3. State Management of Economic and Social Development

Amosov O.Yu. roduct quality control as bases of its competitiveness
Babenko.G., BabenkoS.. Analysis of the state and ways of efficiency' increase of production in the Ukrainian agrarian sector (macroeconomic aspect)
SergienkoV.., PrunenkoD.. Bases of state regulation of ecologically safe activity of mining and building complexes
KaramyshevD.V., Kononov.., Kononov.., BryksinS.O. Classification of factors in decision making in the process of enterprise management of motor transport industry
BulbaV.G. Genesis of understanding of functions of the state in the world political-philosophical heritage VIII –  .
Kravchenko.V. Ways of overcoming poverty in the context of the modern state of population' social protection
SobolR.G. Management and estimation of the financial state of insurer risks
DombrovskaS.. Some aspects of state control of high-quality development of the national education system of Ukraine
OsadchukS.V. The analysis of the mechanism of transfer of subventions from state to local budgets
MalyshN.. Mechanism of realization effective geoeconomic strategy of ecological policy
Molodchenko.G. Organization aspects of real estate taxation in Ukraine
SemenkoS.V. The organizational and legal aspects of pricing on services of state assay control in Ukraine
Dariyenko.. The impact of financial and economic crisis on the pension system in Ukraine
Kalyuga.. The state securities and fund market commission as main link in the system of regulation of the Ukrainian securities market
Karminska-BelobrovaM.V. The ways of reformation of tax administration mechanism
LevchenkoN.M. World practice of state regulation of the mortgage of the earths selskohozjajstvennogo of appointment
Lyndyuk.. State and prospects of government regulation of Ukrainian pension systems funding
asemkoG.. Question of improvement of system of government control of agrarian relations
PoplevichevaN.G. Role of the state in financial amnesty introduction: international experience and realities of Ukraine
Protasenko.. International experience of maintenance public consent
Stefanova.. The methods of state policy realization for supporting elderly, veterans and war children
ShevchenkoV.. Legalization of shadow market of medical services as mechanisms of state administration control of financial resources of the health care systems
ShymanovskaR.N. State mechanisms of wage system's reforming

4. Features of Public Skilled Policy's Realization in Ukraine

PanteleichukI.V. State imidzhmeyking in the conditions of crisis of global capitalism
RideiN.. Master training in standardization, certification and quality according to the programs "environmental standardization and certification" for peopleware in public standardization and certification authorities
Pyatina.S. Corporate image of public authority as a resource management
KovalovaD.V. Influence of the factors of stress on productivity of activity of the civil servants
MykhayletsL.. Grammar mistakes in public servants' oral speech in work-related activities

5. European and Euroatlantic Processes and Institutions

HnydukN.A. Modernization of coordinating cooperation between ukranian public authorities in the European integration policy-making
StreltsovV.Yu. Public administration reform and institutional environment of Twinning in Ukraine


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